Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My night at Rove

“And we’re on in 10..9..8..!”
The anticipation filled the makeshift television studio, a mixture of nerves and excitement ran through my veins as I watched Mr Entertainment, Rove McManus on the plasma screen in front of me. As he danced a jig, anxiously waiting for his cue to promo, a smile crept on to my face. I could hardly believe that I was going to be watching “Rove” not from the comfort of my living room, but from the source itself.
After a false start, involving driving back to my house to pick up my proof of age card (which turned out to be useless anyway), my BFF Karina and I arrived outside Carriageworks at 8:20 ish.
“Just ask those two ladies…”
My face soured.
“NOOOO!!! I can’t. Can’t you…”
The thing with Karina is she has 110% confidence in these sorts of situations. She sees a celebrity and she will hunt them down. If you want anyone at these sorts of events, it’s her. Bless.
She grabbed my arm and led me towards the “Rove” entrance, albeit distracted by “So You Think Can Dance”.
I braced myself and hoped to Peter, Paul, Mary and Ringo that we would be let in.
The petit but gentile lady at the desk looked up at me.
“Hello girls. Do you have your tickets?”
I fumbled nervously with the piece of paper that was at this moment more precious to me than gold.
“Great. Sitting or Standing?”
“Ok. And the name?”
After perusing the lists twice with no success, Kellie gave us two band passes and we worked towards the huddle that had gathered at Door 1.
“Is this the line?”
“I guess so…”
Technically, we didn’t cut in. Phones switched off, we headed down the cold corridor towards the studio. Passing by Kynan Barker, my eyes did a double take.
“That’s Kynan!!”
“Warm up guy.”
“Oh cool.”
Much to our surprise, Karina and I were given seats assigned for Channel 10 reps.
“We’re like old pros!”
“This beats the shit out of Idol!”
We got comfortable (or at least, as comfortable as we could be in our excitement). There was a buzz in the air; perhaps it was the fact that it was a big show, or maybe the alcohol everyone had beforehand.
My eyes did a bit of wondering and saw Tasma W take her seat in the audience. I pointed her out to Karina and did my “Oh” face.
Kynan came on stage and his warm up went a little like this:
“Hi guys! Blah blah blah..Level 1 clap…Level 2 clap…Apeshit nuts…Rove…excitement blah blah blah.”
I was becoming more and more distracted by the plasma TVs set up with the finale of SYTYCD playing for us.
“Oh God…Jack is going to be here!!!” squealed Karina in my ear.
“Calm down!” Oh, the irony.
“Check out the sign” I said as I pointed out the flashing bulbs that arranged themselves in a fashionable order.
“Ok, let’s make him welcome, the host of the show… ROVE MCMANUS!!!”
I clapped so hard my hands were red and numb. They’ll probably fall off by tonight, I thought.
“OMG!! He’s tiny” remarked Karina.
This time, I let out a squeal.
Rove’s first appearance on the set with Peter was hilarious. A definite highlight was seeing some leg- rawr. And his fugly socks- not so rawr. The outfit was a plus for me; only real men wear pink.
Moving along, and the show started off with only one person slapping Rove’s hand for his entrance. A nodded my head in disappointment. I was also insanely jealous of the standing members of the audience who interacted with the man himself. Then I remembered my problem in that around famous people, my brain works on a delay system. In hindsight it was probably better that I didn’t speak/get too close to Rove. Who knows what might have happened….
The monologue had me in stitches. I love it when he dances- awkward much? :P
I found myself watching his reactions to Carrie’s jokes, simply because I knew that he was off camera during this section. Fascinating.
Pete came on and did PeteSpace. Something I’ve noticed is that this year, there is less chatting during this part than last years season. I miss it!!
During Hugh Jackman’s interview, I swear, one could cut the sexual tension with A KNIFE. I held my breath and crossed my fingers during “$20 in 20 secs” Would he? Wouldn’t he? Was I taping this just in case there was a bit of man loving?
A let out a big “Awww!” (not the kind you make when you see something cute, the kind of sound you make when you’re disappointed) as Hugh teased Rove (and myself). At least we’ll always have Dan Radcliffe….
The adbreaks were a real treat though. More dancing and interaction with the Rove and co= muchos hilarity. Imagine watching a dvd only for the behind the scenes extras. That’s what it’s like.
“Any questions?”
Karina poked my arm “Ask something!”
Sour face appeared again. “I can’t. I don’t know what to say!”
Jack and Rhys’s appearance was lovely, were it not for Ms Giggles and Sighs next to me :P
Next up, Hamish and Andy. Or as I like to call them, Handy. Because they are.
For some stupid reason, I rolled up my jacket sleeve to reveal in plain view my “KM4E” H&A wristband. What the hell was I thinking? They weren’t going to notice it. *le sigh*
Both Karina and I rolled our eyes.
“This takes me right back”
Noticing her handbag, I smirked to my buddy “Oh God, she’s going to try to spruik her bags!”
More eye-rolling throughout the interview. Nervous laughter. I think that interview will go in the “Never Again” bin for Rove. Karina and I both noticed her sullen look later in the show, but it wasn’t until Hamish and Andy discussed Hamish’s “elbow butting” that it made sense. Score: Hamish 1, Satan 0.
Karina and I jolted upright in our seats. Our bogan hero.
The time came for Nat and the Rogue Traders to perform. Being a big RT fan, I was really looking forward to this performance, especially because “What You’re On” is one of my fav songs. I danced a little in my chair and mouthed the words along. I was a little embarrassed that the crew might be watching me, but I really didn’t care. I was enjoying myself too much.
Sadly, the last segment of the evening, “Things that we love” had arrived. Mischa mistake number 2: Rove explaining to her the joke is “because I’m short.”
Her response: “Oh.” *nods head slowly*
“OK, Camera time!”
I grabbed my phone and pressed the on button. “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up you stupid…”
I managed to turn on the camera setting, but stupidly took a video instead of a photo of Rove et al leaving. *slaps forehead*
Yawning, but happy, I turned to Karina “That was awesome. Ready to go home?”
That was before we saw the Ch 10 after party, during which Karina was in her element. I desperately wanted to shout something to Nat Bass, but I was too nervous. I bobbed my head, wondering if any of the Rove team were in there and how could I possibly get in without being seen.
Then, the phone rings. It’s my Dad aka the ride home.
“Arrrre you finishedt?!?!”
Thus, here endeth the recount of the single most thrilling experience in my 18 years of life. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I did make eye contact with the man.

(PS Much thanks to Mike and RoveOnline- without whom, very little would be possible!)
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