Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Finale

I read the message over and over again.
“They’re letting us check out the greenroom”
My palms started to moisten, my brain running a million miles a second (ie very fast) and my heart began to pound rapidly, I thought it was going to leap out of my chest.
Immediately, I rang one of my bffs, Kat, who had some experience at dealing with me in these situations.
I began explaining to her the e-mail that RO sent me, how nervous I was, and warned her “to not let me say anything stupid” (SPOILER ALERT: Didn’t really work, did it Kat, HMMMM??!?!?!)
Between Friday 14 Nov 4:20pm and Sunday16 Nov 5pm, I had so many questions on my mind: what would I say? What should I bring? But most importantly: What the hell was I going to wear? My fashion crisis was solved by my younger sister: “black jeans, and the shirt you wore when you met Wil Anderson”
Me: “My ‘I’m Your Fan Shirt’?”
Her: That’s the one
Me: Can I wear that one?
Her: Is he going to be there?
Me: Don’t think so
Her: Then you can wear it
(SPOILER ALERT: Didn’t really work did it, Laura, HMM!?!?!?!)
By 5:50pm, I had my bag packed and prepared. I think I can officially call myself a professional studio audience person thingy. I might get myself some business cards now.
6pm rolled on and so did my nerves. First Kat arrived to my house, then my dear dad (aka chauffeur) came to pick us up. Our first issue was that Kat was hungry. Very hungry. So we made a mental note to get food as soon as we arrived to Carriageworks (same studio as the first time, just bigger I think)
Second issue was finding the entrance. Dad had dropped us off at the loading dock, thus allowing us to walk confusedly (not a real word, suspend disbelief) back to the audience entrance.
“Hey, do you have any lip gloss”: RO to me upon our first meeting.
Our numbers had increased to three as we stood in line, crossing all body parts that we would get in okay.
We finally arrived to the desk. First moment of truth.
“Follow Murray to the greenroom please”
We hastily put on our passes and followed the lovely Murray all the way to the makeshift greenroom. By this time, Kat had realised she had to go to the bathroom as well. Food and toilet…the girl has her priorities straight.
While Kat was munching happily on some bread and dip, RO and I wandered around the upper level of the greenroom, which we decided were makeshift offices and dressing rooms.
At about 7:30 ish, we had increased to 4, with the addition of RO’s plus one, Bob*
Waiting around, sipping on my lemonade, RO gets pulled away by Rove’s assistant Lucy. At this point we’re all thinking “Oh shit….are we in trouble?” Not that we should have been worried. She was just coming to tell her that Rove would like to meet us.
Let me repeat that just in case you didn’t read it properly.
I was starting to think that the paper bag would have been a very good idea after all.
I don't know where he popped up, but all of a sudden, the man, the myth, the legend was standing behind us. He shook RO’s hand and spoke to her a little bit before she introduced me. And my first words? They were “Hi. I blog.”
*insert embarrassment*
Rove kindly agreed to take photos of us (mine is now my wallpaper-sorry Coldplay!)
And then he talked to me!!! I asked him about plans for another dvd (something that us on thought would be a great idea) and he said that at the moment it’s a little harder because of clearances and that sketches : guests ratio is not as it used to be, but that maybe in a few more years it would be possible. He also said that he gets asked to put his standup shows on dvd, which he has no immediate plans of doing so. I requested more song and dance routines- he looked a bit sheepish at this moment, but that’s okay :) RO chimed in about his profanity during standup shows. Then we discussed his recent appearance on The Tonight Show in America and how I felt that he did much better than the other guest, Sarah Silverman.
EXCLUSIVE: Rove said that there will be an announcement about his future in the US in the next 24 hrs. Stay tuned.
Sadly, I can’t remember what was said after this, only that he promised to say hello during the show. WHICH HE TOTALLY DID!!!
Hang on, I think I remember him thanking RO for all her support, and maybe even something about the ARIAs and the last time we were at a taping. My memory is still a bit blurry.
Though I do remember flashing my shirt to Rove just before he left. I *think* he appreciated it.
Also, who should I see walk in to the green room? Megan Gale. Gorgeous!!!! Did I take a photo with her? No. Sadly.
Wil Anderson decides to walk in with Dave Hughes. Internally, I don’t know what was going on. Bits of me were giddy.

We got ushered into our totally VIP seats. I was laughing just quietly at the signs that had on our seats. First thing I noticed was that my seat was directly underneath a microphone. Great, more youtube moments (pj Karina)
Now onto the show itself: Opening mono: hilarious. Am loving the new style and hope he keeps it for next years season.
Peter and Carrie: great as usual. Before the show, Rove and Pete come out and introduce themselves to the audience. Rove told this hilarious story involving a mistaken hotel room, a gay couple and a stripper. You figure it out. Peter told us to laugh at his Swept Away joke- I took his time to point out hat it happens to be my dad’s favourite film. The Madonna version. True story.
Daniel Craig: Such a fox. But I kinda zoned out towards the end, before 20 bucks. Interestingly enough, Rove told me Daniel Craig doesn’t liked to be asked about his swimming trunks scene in Casino Royale. Would turn gay for Hugh Jackman: get your jousting sticks out Rove!
Now I can’t remember if it was at this point that Rove came up to briefly talk to us. (during an ad break)
R: How are you enjoying it?
Me: It’s brilliant!
R: Taking notes?
M: For sure!
R: what would you rate it? 4.. 5?
M: 5!
R: Out of 10!!!! Pfft…
M: :( No, out of 5.
Then he got distracted by Megan Gale, who was sitting an arm’s length away from RO. And we still didn’t do anything . *le sigh* She is so pretty in real life. Not that I expected her to be fugly, but you never know.
Dave Hughes: awesome. I couldn’t stop laughing. His spiel on how to act infront of celebs would have been helpful AN HOUR AGO!
Hamish and Andy: didn’t do much, but I figure that’s cause the show as jam packed as it was.
Ben Stiller and Chris Rock: funny, as was expected. And as I suspected to expect. (fantale for that reference). Did Chris Rock out Queen Latifah?
Ryan Shelton: wasn’t expecting the animation, but was pleasantly surprised.
Snow Patrol: they were good, but the best was Rove’s dance moves off camera. I’m telling you, he’s the triple threat: acting, singing and dancing. Is there anything this man CAN’T do?!?!?
Tom P: I just want to wrap him hip and take him home.
These things we love: aren’t they?!?! *le sigh*
Then the second most awesome thing happened right at the end, after the montage and credits rolled.
Rove ran up to RO and gave her a signed copy of the running order.
What a fantastic way to end an awesome show and a brilliant season. Am looking forward to 2009, the tenth year of Rove (hoorah! Double digits!) And a thank you once again to RO (whinging does work!), the Rove team and most importantly Rove for going above and beyond our expectations.