Monday, April 27, 2009

Rove- Third time’s a charm: SYTYCD Afterparty show

RO “I guess this means you’re blogging again”
Me: “Oh shit”
And so, here we are, my faithful audience (all 5 of you) on our latest adventure. RO, your humble narrator and Tia had found ourselves waiting as patiently as we could in the entrance of Carraigeworks, trying to pass the time any way we could imagine. This being our third time in Rove’s studio audience, RO and I consider ourselves absolute pros. We had the waiting down, the eat-before you get there thing, and laughed and clapped in sync (*giggles*) down pat. Pros, I tells ye!
To pass the time I decided to try and twitter from my iPod. Epic Fail. RO also befriended Nandos man. Not so Epic Fail.
We were finally led through at around 8ish. Me being watchless, this is of course an approximate time. Bear with me.
The three of us agonized over seats until RO decided to take charge and lead us right into the center seats. In front of the stage. Directly underneath a microphone.
As usual Kynan Barker came out and warmed the audience up (nerdy fan alert!) until Rove came back from the SYTYCD set to say a quick hello and remind me of how I totally thought Ben was gay this whole season. He left and RO and I commented that the set seemed different to the last time. The sign appeared to be in a different spot and the desk was much closer to the couch, almost squashed together. The sound was infintaley better though.
Some hasty notes on the show:
-Rove’s outfit: the ruffled shirt. Most men would look like a gay pirate in this shirt. Rove looks like a gay pirate. :P JOKES, JOKES PEOPLE! It looked good. Great to see him changing up the wardrobe.
-Pete’s beard: interesting. He explained that it was for his new film, which is exciting news.
- Mono went down well. Forgot to mention that before the show started Rove did a girly jump off his chair. Huzzah!
- Nat Bass: I luff me some Nat Bass. Wanted her shows so badly. Her mic though was left on as she went to change during the Fabulous Gretel Killeen’s interview which was quite unfortunate. I do believe I heard her pass wind. Could have been a zipper though….
- Voting: Is he worried about his chances? Hmmm…. We shall see come Sunday (yes, I will post a review of the Logies too!)
- Carrie at the news desk: good this weeks, but poor Bonnie over did it a little bit. Just a little bit.
- Gretel Killeen: the woman who got me through early high school. Love, love, LOVE Gretski! Biggest mistake Ch 10 ever did was fire her.
- Sarah Murdoch: Am beginning to like her more and more. A model with brains and beauty? Que’est- ce que c’est ca?
- Rove and Twitter: I think someone has a problem… Throughout most of the ad breaks, Rove was constantly on his iPhone twittering. He also came up to our section of the audience asking if anyone was twittering and he saw RO and asked “Is the twitter thing still there?”
Me: *jump in* Yeah, I think so.
RO: *nods head* you have to scroll down though
R: Ahh. Nice to see you again.
RO: Yeah, thank you!
- Rove and Bliss n Esso: Not a fan oif the band, but Rove got his hip-hop on. He’s soooo down with the bishes. And a little too white.
All in all, another fantastic show and another awesomeexperience!