Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Track of the Day

Katy Perry- Firework

Well, Katy Purry, who I've had a so-so relationship with in the past, has really piqued my interest with her last two singles off her latest album 'Teenage Dream'. The title track is a fantastic, punchy pop track, encapsulating the freedom of youth and the feelings of summer within each punctured beat of the chorus. I was hooked from the opening guitar chords and a few months later, I'm still loving it. Not so with with the first single 'California Gurls' which I felt was a shambolic 'Tik-Tok' ripoff (I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on that.) And I really couldn't stand 'Tik-Tok'.

So when I heard her third single 'Firework', I held my breath and reserved judgment until the end. And I was not disappointed. It's not as great as its predecessor, but it's full on, ballsy chorus does a pretty good job of sitting in your head for hours after listening. And that, in my opinion, makes for an excellent pop song. It comes complete with cheesy lyrics ('Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?'- why yes, Katy. All the time) and 'meaningful' video- kid with cancer, gay men kissing, thugs, fireworks exploding from Katy's chest. You know. Symbolic stuff.
Not a classic but close enough.

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