Monday, February 28, 2011

Track of the Day: Bat For Lashes 'Strangelove'

This track surfaced sometime last week and is the official track for the new Gucci 'Guilty' campaign. I'm not familiar with the original by Depeche Mode, but having had Bat for Lashes stunning version on repeat since it was made available, I will make a note to hunt down DM's. Musically, it doesn't sound like anything off the last album, nor does it sound like their contribution to the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack, the fantastic 'Let's Get Lost' featuring Beck. Natasha Kahn (pictured) provides stunning vocals and the strumming riff that occurs throughout the track give it this mysterious edge.'Strangelove' indeed.

Verdict: Without comparing to the original, 8 Bats out of 10 Lashes
NB: not sure whether I'm allowed to post the track or not but Google is your friend *coughcough*

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