Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 5 All Time Best Coldplay videos

In light of the recent announcement of Coldplay's imminent return to our fair shores for the Mylo Xylotour, I have taken it upon myself to unleash my inner fangirl and reveal my top 5 Coldplay videos OF ALL TIME (Kanye stylee). This is actually quite difficult for me so I've also included some honourable mentions.

5. Yellow- Parachutes (2000)
Iconic. Such a simple video but so effective. And to think the original brief was a beach party. Yes. You read that right. Fun fact: Chris is wearing about 1267 layers of clothing in this video. Plus an anorak.

4. The Scientist- A Rush of Blood To The Head (2002)
A story told in reverse. Genius. But not according to Simon Pegg who thinks it's a bit ridiculous for someone to go have a lie down in the middle of a street after a car accident. True story.

3. Viva la Vida (cover video)- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008)
If only this were the official video *le sigh* Basically, Coldplay did two videos for Viva la Vida, with this one being a 'cover' video as it is a cover of Depeche Mode's video for 'Enjoy the Silence' (both filmed by Anton Corbijn). I just think the video fits the song so much more. What on earth does a wilting rose have to do with a king anyway? HMM HYPE WILLIAMS?!?!?

2. Lovers in Japan- Viva la Vida or Death and His Friends (2008)
Great video. Needs more Japan though.

1. Talk- X&Y (2005)
Extra points for a giant robot and the band's 'acting'.

Honourable Mentions
Strawberry Swing- Viva la Vida or Death and His Friends (2008)

Life in Technicolor pt II- Prospekt's March EP (2008)

The Hardest Part- X&Y (2005)

Paradise- Mylo Xyloto (2011)
Nappies....still waiting for a reunion
Anyone who disagrees with this list, come see me after class.

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