Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here, have some thoughts

Songs that I am enjoying right now:

  • Solange Knowles- Losing You. So hipster. So chic. I think I stan for her- finally, a Knowles I can support!

  • Lissie- When I'm Alone. Will next be heard on Robbie Williams' new album Take The Crown, out in November, on the duet 'Losers'.

  • Delilah- Go. Hmm. Yes. Me likey. Came across whilst trying to make up my mind about Jessie Ware

  • Muse- Madness. Need I say more? Stick with it. Track kicks in towards the end and it is BRILLIANT

  • Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch- Sweet Nothing. YES. A banging tune from that guy that does all those songs you like featuring the vocals of a goddess. The video is brilliant and as Florence describes it, 'destructo stripping'

  • Sarah Blasko- I Awake. Pulsating, thrilling and chaotic. 

  • Side notes: 'Thong Song' will never be a 90s song to me. Ever. 
That is all.

Annie A

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