Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Open Letter To Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

Can I call you Taylor? I feel like we're on a first name basis now.

I need to let you know something. I've never liked your music. Not one bar of it. And I never thought much of you- well, apart from being shocked that you're my age (totally thought you were 18) and your dating history is, ahem, extensive.

So when this happened:

I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't sound like you (i.e country) and it's catchy.

And then you brought out the big guns and a hit us with a double whammy

KO, I am out.

Now, just because I think these tracks are pretty brilliant, doesn't mean I'm going to rush out and buy 'Red' and suddenly stan for you. But, I just wanted to let you know that they have warmed my cold, black, formerly Swfit-less heart.

Oh and on a final note, I just wanted use this gif set and point out how flawless Taylor Squared were/could have been.

Anyway, this is exhausting.


Annie A

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