Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rove: signing off...

To cap off my lame birthday, I was in the middle of dinner on Sunday night when my buddy Karina texted me that what was billed as Rove's final show of the season was actually his final show ever. EVAH.
*cue sad face*
As a fan of the show, I can't say I'm too pleased with this news. It's been an amazing rollercoaster these last ten years. And yes, I was almost in tears last night during his final comments. It's hard to put into words what the show meant to me. It helped me get through high school and some weird moments in my life. I've met and bonded with some awesome people through it. But most of all, I've grown up with it. So it seems strange and at the same time right that this happened the day after I turned 20. It really does feel like the end of an era.

Thank you to Rove and all the cast and crew for everything. Especially the memories.

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