Sunday, February 24, 2013

Music Listography- Day 2: 20 Albums You'd Bring On A Spaceship

If you were, hypothetically speaking, leaving planet Earth on spaceship or any other inter-planetary space travel vehicle (perhaps a TARDIS), what albums would you bring with you for the journey?

A thought provoking and challenging question is the topic for today's post. I sadly couldn't make it to 20, but I may add to this list later. I think I was being particularly harsh on which albums deserved a spot here, mainly because these are the albums you potentially will be listening to the REST OF YOUR LIFE. IN SPACE. Where no-one can hear you sing.

  1. A Rush of Blood To The Head- Coldplay: Like my own 'Sophie's Choice'.
  2. Greatest Hits- Queen: A must.
  3. Young Americans- David Bowie: I love this album from start to finish.
  4. Best of Bowie- David Bowie: Two words 'Modern Love'. Plus, he's an alien. AND there's 'Starman' and 'Space Oddity' and MAJOR TOM to consider. 
  5. Lungs- Florence and the Machine: Flawless.
  6. Happiness- Hurts: Moody and ambient.
  7. Light Years- Kylie Minogue: If only to play the title track on a spaceship. I have to, it's my only chance.
  8. Born To Die/Paradise- Lana Del Rey: Another perfect record (s).
  9. Ray of Light- Madonna: Moody and ambient.
  10. Rudebox- Robbie Williams: Necessary for the synths.
  11. Recurring Dream- Crowded House: I won't leave Earth without this.
  12. Greatest- Duran Duran: If I didn't play 'Planet Earth' during liftoff, there would be some very pissed off people.
  13. Overpowered- Roisin Murphy: Another favourite of mine.
  14. Spiegel im Spiegel- Fur Alina: Classical piece that I couldn't live without.
I guess there's not a lot of 'classic' albums on there, and two appearances by Bowie. Plus 4 Greatest Hits compilations- is that cheating a bit?

Bowie thinks otherwise.

What do you think of the list so far? Think my time in space would sonically suck? Needs more Eno? Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr me your thoughts or leave your thoughts downstairs.

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