Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Harkive: a musical history of July 9th

Here's my entry for Harkive, a project which will collate how people listened to music on July 9th. It's a great idea and to find out more, go to Harkive. The nerd in me (and let's be real, outside of me) enjoyed taking part in this and whilst there wasn't any earth shattering revelations to be found on my end, it's an accurate picture of my current day-to-day life.

7:50 Get dressed to the soothing sounds of ABBA 'Gold' blasting from my CD player. Say what you will, but those Swedes know how to make a pop song (amirightoramiright?)

8:30 Bus ride part 1: the first leg of my journey on the way to work is soundtracked by my iPod on shuffle. Normally, I use my 'Morning Tunes' playlist, but lately I've been feeling sleepy, so I switch to some more uptempo tracks (as follows). I leave it on shuffle but I'm often skipping tracks because I just don't feel like listening to them.

Say Lou Lou- Julian
Charlie XCX- Wires
Sugababes- Flatline
Marina and the Diamonds- Homewrecker
Kanye West- Power
John Newman- Love Me Again
Amandine Bourgeois- L'enfer Et Moi
Phoenix- Trying To Be Cool
Daft Punk- Get Lucky
Iggy Azalea- Work
Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness
Frank Ocean- Lost

9:20 Bus ride part 2: shorter ride means less tunes.

Marina and the Diamonds- Girls
Wheatus- teenage Dirtbag
Icona Pop ft Charlie XCX- I Love It (great song to walk/strut to)

9:35 Small cafe area outside of work is playing a delightful jazz version of 'Roxanne' on their speakers.

10:00 I work part time for a radio station, but it's talkback. No music for 4 hours. *sobs*

2:00 pm Ride home begins. iPod on shuffle mode again. Below is the playlist for return trips 1 and 2.

PNAU- Embrace
Kanye West- Guilt Trip
MSMR- Fantasy
Naughty Boy- La La La
Sugababes- Overload
Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez- I'm Real (Murder Inc Remix)
David Bowie- We Are The Dead
MSMR- Think Of You
Kanye West- Paranoid
Phoenix- Entertainment (Blood Orange remix)
Lana Del Rey- Ride
Sarah Blasko- I Awake
Two Door Cinema Club- Something Good Can Work
Madonna- Boderline
Tegan and Sara- Shock To Your System

4:30 pm Short car ride home (finally). My mother picks me up from the bus stop. I have no shame, whatever. WSFM is on, the 'classic' radio station. Currently 'I Love Rock and Roll' by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is playing. She leaves it until it finishes and starts flipping stations landing on the Edge 96.1 and a Pitbull song. :|

4:55 pm Checking out my Twitter timeline and Norwegian popsinger Annie (holler!) tweets a link to a blog of the best pop songs of 2013 so far. I end up playing her own track on the list, 'Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts', via Youtube.

5:30 pm Open up my laptop's iTunes and start shuffle mode. Hit play only to go straight to the preview button and pick which songs I'd like next.

Bee Gees- Nights On Broadway
Lana Del Rey- On Our Way
Eskimo Joe- This Is Pressure
Britney Spears- Baby One More Time
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen
Kanye West- Goldigger
Crowded House- I Feel Possessed
Lana Del Rey- National Anthem
Crowded House- Mean To Me
Hurts- The Rope
Charlie XCX- So Far Away

Ellie Goulding- Your Biggest Mistake

6:30 pm Hit the gym. I either use my gym playlist on my iPod or shuffle through my collection if I'm bored (that happens more often than you think).

8:18 pm Sister's iPod in the car ride home post gym. She settles on Britney Spears 'Up and Down'.

10:00 pm Bedtime playlist on laptop 'ahh'. Filled with soothing down tempos such as The XX, Jessie Ware etc. It's a great playlist that bumps up my play count for these songs and helps me get some shut-eye.

The end (lulz)

Annie A

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