Friday, June 5, 2009

Kylie XTOUR2008 Dec 14 Acer Arena

Yes, I'm well aware that the show took place many months ago. I just never got around to writing about it. So, I'm doing a brief write up now. When I should be studying for exams. My bad. I won't go into details, because everybody knows about it now, but I will say that for my first Kylie concert, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The setlist was quite Light Years/X heavy, which was a-ok by me. Kylie both looked and sounded fantastic. At points she was holding the notes and singing in a higher register. I have a feeling this is her way 'F U!" to critics. As I already knew most of setlist due to the London broadcast, no major surprises. Personal highlights were the opening, Naughty Manga Girl, Black and White, Slow (when the percussion kicks in. Just amazing. but she didn't put Free in :( )and 2 Hearts (I demand an extended version!). I even liked the Pool Party section (to a degree). Honourable mention to the lovely couple in front of us. During Slow, Eleni and I both sang 'read my...BODY LANGUAGE!' bit so loudly, that they turned around and started giggling at us. Thanks guys! I also happen to knwo Step back in Time is one of their favourite songs. Overall, it was worth every dollar I spent. Just wish I had gotten the program :(

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