Friday, June 5, 2009

Coldplay Viva La vida World Tour Sydney March 14 2009 Acer Arena

This show marked the second time I had been to a Coldplay show. And what a difference 3 years makes. They are really developing as entertainers and changing their live experience to make it more a more colourful, interactive and even more enjoyable experience.
In a weird twist of fate, not only was this show exactly 4 months to the day that I saw Kylie, but I was sitting in the section directly opposite to where I was for Kylie. Odd? Un peu. Turns out we had some pretty awesome seats. Right next to the C-Stage. *high-fives self*

I couldn't even begin to say what my favourite parts of the show were, there were just too many. I will have to say that there is nothing better than hearing 'Viva La Vida' being sung by an audience of 18 000 people at the tope of their lungs. Chilling and uniting at the same time.

As this was the same day of the Sound Relief concert, the show was shortened by a little bit, which meant no Speed of Sound or Will singing Death will Never Conquer (which I was really looking forward). Instead we got Shane Warne on maracas. Yay. But that was my only qualm.

I am also proud to say I was singing and dancing the whole time. except for The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away. How you can dance to that, i'm not sure. You could do a nice sway I suppose.

I felt kind of sad at the end though. the whole knowing that it was over and that I'd have to wait a few more years to see them again. It's worth it though.
*waits for dvd*

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Anand said...

Completely agree!! I saw Coldplay on tour this year in the US and they were awesome. Great performers and had so many special effects for every song. They came amidst the crowd twice. Great band to see live.