Saturday, September 26, 2009

My thoughts on: Madonna- Celebration

Ok, so Madonna this week has released her third official Greatest Hits and her last with Warner Records. Being a Madonna fan, I was put in a bit of a weird situation. Got all her 94work and beyond, Immaculate Collection and GHV2. So essentially, I paid $20 for 2 new songs (and Everybody and Burning Up. But We won't count those.) 'Celebration' (the track) is a fun, inane party song that has finally worked it's magic on me. I listened to the first 5 seconds of 'Revolver' but I haven't made any further progress on it.
The tracklisting is predicatable but good. I picked it up and did a mental checklist 'YES! Yes, NOOO (4 mins- terrible) Yep, YES, YES' etc... Although fans were asked for their input, it seems like it didn't get through to the powers that be. GHs are really for the casual/non fan and yet relative hardcore fans like myself get suckered into buying them. *le sigh*

Taken from togerland: Disc 1 vs Disc 2. My choices are in bold.

1. Hung Up vs Dress You Up
2. Music vs Material Girl
3. Vogue vs La Isla Bonita
4. 4 Minutes vs Papa Don't Preach
5. Holiday vs Lucky Star
6. Everybody vs Burning Up
7. Like A Virgin vs Crazy For You
8. Into The Groove vs Who's That Girl
9. Like A Prayer vs Frozen
10. Ray Of Light vs Miles Away
11. Sorry vs Take A Bow
12. Express Yourself vs Live To Tell
13. Open Your Heart vs Beautiful Stranger
14. Borderline vs Hollywood
15. Secret vs Die Another Day
16. Erotica vs Don't Tell Me
17. Justify My Love vs Cherish
18. Revolver vs Celebration

RESULT: 12 votes to 6. Disc 1 is a winner. Overall, worth it.
Non-fan: 4/5
Fans: 3/5

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